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Vintage Catering Van


Our vintage van will be a unique addition to your venue or outdoor space, creating a focal point for all events, parties, weddings and corporate occasions.  The van works well in gardens, courtyards, driveways and any location really.  The van can be 'butted up' to marquees and awnings facing inward to bring the outside in. 


From the Vintage Van, we can serve;

  • Hot Ice Cream sandwiches....a toasted brioche bun toasted around our very own homemade ice cream, complete with our homemade maple cream, chocolate shard and toppings such as biscoff, mixed nuts and raspberry coulis.

  • Ice Cream in waffle cones, eco tubs/spoons complete with flakes.

  • Traditional American style malted thick shakes with our homemade ice cream and cherry on top

  • Barista coffee/hot chocolate menu from our traditional lever coffee machine made with milk from our local farm and our own coffee bean.

  • Iced coffees and frappes made with our homemade ice cream, milk and cream...., sea salt caramel, pumpkin spice, vanilla, flamed orange, etc, etc or just straight and plain.


Please get in touch with your event date, location and rough number of guests, we will get back to you with a quote.

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