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On the Day

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Our two classic VW beetles, Sherbert and Shell, are perfect to transport you to your wedding or event, in a nostalgic and memorable way.  The cost for the hire of one car for 3 hours is £300.00.  We say 3 hours but if things don't go to plan we're happy to stay around and would never rush or stress you regarding the vehicles.  We'll always be there early but you don't have to rush out, the 3 hours begins from the time we pick you up.  We can take you to your service and then onto your reception after, though if they are at the same location we can take you for a little drive for you to spend some time together.  We will remain until the end of the booking period for pictures, etc and do everything in our capacity to contribute to making the day special.  

Whilst in the car you will have a little basket of bits such as iced water, hair pins, nail files, tissues, etc.  There are homemade patchwork quilts and cushions in the rear seat and the front seat can be taken out to allow for large wedding dresses when entering and exiting the vehicles.  If you let us know some of your favourite music beforehand, we will put it through the car speakers, regardless of how bad it is!  In the event of rain, snow and wind, we can escort you to the venue entrance with an umbrella.     

We are happy to travel within a 60 mile radius from Bridgnorth in Shropshire but send us a message as we can sometimes wiggle a bit on that.

Sherbert and Shell are usually dressed a bit differently to eachother because of how they're styled.  Sherbert looks very 'clean' with grosgrain ribbons to contrast the deep pearlescent paintjob.  Flowers are delicate and gentle, roofrack suitcases are neat and waxed and the 'Just Married' pom pom sign is pretty and soft.  When we dress Shell, things are a bit more rustic.....hessian ribbon, painted cans from the rear bumper, some nice old suitcases and a handwritten sign all add to her vibe!  You can colour co-ordinate ribbons and we love suggestions on how to make the cars personal to your occasion, it's the little touches that make the big impacts.

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